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Campus Mail FAQ

General FAQ

All student mail and packages are delivered to Campus Mail Services and Shipping and Receiving, now located in the Campus Store. There are no deliveries to Residence Halls.

When mail or packages are coming to campus they should be addressed using this format:
Student’s Name (first name, middle initial, last name)
2115 Summit Avenue
St Paul MN 55105-1094

Student’s Name
2115 Summit Avenue
St Paul MN 55105-1094

When an item has been processed an e-mail will be sent immediately to the student’s UST email letting them know their item is available for pick-up. The student must present a valid UST ID that will be scanned in order to claim their package. Our new package tracking system will also send out a reminder notice for items that have not been picked up every other day. The same system is used for flower and care package deliveries.

Yes. No matter the term, you will get an email notification when you receive mail every other day until your mail is picked up.

The US Postal Service picks up from Campus Mail Services in Murray Herrick Center on the St Paul campus at 2pm each weekday.


The US Postal Service picks up from the Minneapolis Service Center in Terrence Murphy Hall at 4:00 pm each weekday.

Any item that that requires a signature will be signed for by our Campus Mail Services or Shipping and Receiving staff.

Flowers may be sent to students, faculty, and staff. The recipient will receive an e-mail sent to their UST e-mail when a delivery has occurred. The recipient will come to Package Pick-Up in the Campus Store to receive their flowers with a St. Thomas ID. If the recipient does not pick their flowers up, we will follow up the e-mail up with a phone call.

Most florists in the area know where to bring flowers at St. Thomas. All floral deliveries for students and faculty/staff should arrive at the Campus Store, located in the basement of Murray Hall. The entire campus is listed as 2115 Summit Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105- so it is a bit tricky giving directions. We are located on the north campus, off of Cleveland and Ashland just past the chapel on the hill. The lot is labeled, “Admissions.” There are three, 15 minute parking spots for merchants.

Two of the better florists in the area are Bachmann’s, and A Johnsons.

We accept Edible Bouquets, but caution - we don’t have refrigeration. If the item is not picked up in a timely manner this can be a problematic.

Care package purchases are organized by the Campus Stores. The Campus Store handles the distribution. Students will receive an e-mail when a care package has been processed.

Mail Forwarding

Congratulations!! Students who graduate may keep their mail service until the end of July. Graduating students should update their address on Murphy. We also have permanent and temporary address cards. Mail will be forwarded for a period of 6 months after a student graduates. Six months after graduation a forwarding order expires and the student’s mail will be returned to the sender.


It is important to inform anyone that sends you mail to change your address in their system. This is your responsibility. Make sure you change your mailing address with Amazon and all other companies you have ordered from.

Yes, when a student has graduated or is no longer active at the university we will forward their mail to the permanent (domestic) address on record. We forward mail for a period of 6 months. Students and staff may update their permanent address record on Murphy. We will also forward mail to a temporary address. To forward to a temporary address you must fill out a forwarding card at the UST Post Office, in the Campus Store.


We will only temporarily forward USPS, not FedEx or UPS.

Any mail or packages that are not picked up within 6 months will be returned to sender or be considered as abandoned. However, if it is a magazine, then old editions will be recycled after three months.

Post Office Details

Yes, we sell stamps, individually and in sheets. You can also mail packages. We will weigh your item, select the zone and give you pricing based on the delivery time you request. The services listed above may be purchased with cash, check, eXpress, gift card or credit card.

Yes, Campus Mail can seal letter and flat mail envelopes. The charge is included with regular processing. However, if the item requires hand sealing or if labels need to be attached there will be additional costs.

We typically, have a good supply of inter/intracampus envelopes, just ask.

The Elway Station (651-699-2762) delivers and picks up our mail.

A. The Industrial Station, located at 1430 Concordia Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55104 - 651-645-7301- 1.6 Miles east


B. The Minnehaha Station, located at 3033 27th Ave So, Minneapolis, MN 55406 - 651-729-9327 2.2 Miles West

International Packages

There are 3 services provided by the United States Postal Service for mailing packages internationally. Additionally, international packages can be sent via FedEx.


  1. 1. First Class Airmail - This service is for items under 4 lbs. It is the least expensive service. Items sent will arrive between 7 and 10 business days.

  2. 2. Priority International - Approximately 5 to 7 business days for this mailing service. We supply a selection of boxes and envelopes free of charge.

  3. 3. Priority Express International - This is the post offices fastest service. It takes 3 to 5 business days. We have a few boxes and envelopes that are free of charge.


Additionally, international packages can be sent via FedEx.


**All items above require an on-line custom form to be submitted and printed out.**

The US Postal Service has announced that all international mail (including APO and FPO) over 13 ounces and packages/envelopes that have thickness more than just paper require an electronically printed online Custom Declaration form, Form 2976, From 2976A, or APO/DPO form. Fill out the form online, download the PDF, and print out the form(s). These custom forms can be found at the US Postal Services website. If you need assistance determining which custom forms to download and complete, the website will be able to assist you. On this page two tabs will appear By Form and By Service. Select the tab By Form if you know the form you need, or select By Service if you know how you want the package sent. Neither handwritten custom forms nor packages bearing stamps can be accepted. The package must be presented with the signed, dated, and printed forms for a postage meter strip to be applied by a postal clerk.

  1. Make sure no prohibited items are being mailed. If you are unsure, check the USPS website.

  2. Use the correct form as indicated above.

  3. Click Complete Form Online

  4. Fill out the Sender and Addressee fields. An "*" represents a field that must be filled before continuing.

  5. Click Continue. You will then see a Package Information Screen.

  6. Estimate the weight of each individual item being mailed.

  7. When this form is complete, click Continue.

  8. To print your form click on the PDF that has been generated and a print screen will appear.


Your forms will print- sign and date each copy and submit with your envelope(s)/package(s). Prepare and address your packages. All packages require an actual label in addition to the custom form. Your package is not ready to be taken to Campus Mail Services to be weighed and metered. You may pay with cash, personal check, or use your departments university index code for official business use. (If you paid your postage with a credit card online and submitted your custom forms via Click and Ship, you may simply drop your item(s) off to be shipped with us.

Intra/Inter Campus Mail

UST's "Mail Number" system plays a critical role in the distribution of letters and packages throughout campus. Each faculty, staff, and student has a mail number where all incoming mail should be addressed. The mail number is often times different from the office number, room number or suite number where UST employees work, so be sure to familiarize yourself with your mail number, and be sure that all correspondence goes to that specific address. Remember, mail is delivered to the mail number not to an office room number! For intercampus mail, and US mail, use Outlook correctly to get the mail number, by looking in “Properties.” If you wish to send a distribution of letters or packages to students, use the Student Distribution Form; to send to faculty and staff, use the Faculty/Staff Distribution Form.

Letters and intercampus mail is sent to Rome once a week on Wednesdays. Items going to Rome should arrive at Campus Mail Services before 12:00 noon and should include the recipient’s name and the words ROME CAMPUS. Only intercampus and letter mail sent by University departments will be sent out FREE for the customer. Anything other than University mail (personal) will be sent out at the sender's expense. Items going to Rome that weigh over 1 lb will be sent out at the senders expense and need to be packaged ship ready with the full Rome address and an account number for billing. The Postal Service requires that international items over 1 lb have customs documentation attached. Custom forms will vary with weight and the services used to send it. Please check with Shipping and Receiving for time requirements on arrival and the best pricing as well as documentation (custom form) requirements. Call the Campus Store (651) 962-6355


University of St. Thomas
Bernardi Campus
Att: _______________________
Lungotevere Delle Armi, 16
00195, Rome

It is critically important that all incoming mail have the correct format. Here is an example of a correct address as it should appear on all incoming correspondence and packages:


John Doe
University of St Thomas
Mail AQU 217
2115 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105-1078


Note that the mail number, (AQU 217) is on the line above the street address- this is important. Also note that there is a space between the letters and the numbers, and there is no “#” (pound sign), in the mail number. The pound sign causes problems in Banner. AQU 217 is only a sample mail stop.

John Doe
University of St Thomas
Mail TMH 100
1000 LaSalle Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55403-2005


Note that the word Avenue is spelled out- this is preferred at UST.

There are several different zip+4 codes used at UST, so please look at your business card, check with the Service Center, (2-6588), or refer below:


All UST buildings in St Paul are 55105-1096 WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTIONS:
Aquinas Hall, (AQU) 55105-1078
O'Shaughnessy Science Hall, (OSS) 55105-1079
Owens Science Hall, (OWS) 55105-1080
St. John Vianney, (SJV) 55105-1095
School of Divinity, (SOD) 55105-1094
All UST buildings in Minneapolis are 55403-2005 WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTIONS:
Law School, (MSL) 55403-2015
Opus Hall-Education ONLY, (MOH 217) 55403-2009


When orders are sent to the Service Center for letterhead, business cards, or envelopes, all details and formats are checked, and changed as necessary.


Please contact Leann 2-6587 at the Service Center, or Steve at Campus Mail Services 2-6855 with any questions


If your department wishes to send a package, please use the FedEx Package Requisition Form

Packages FAQ

We receive 3 separate Federal Express deliveries. We receive packages from Federal Express Overnight before 10:30 am. We receive Federal Express Ground and Federal Express Home deliveries generally before 12:00 noon. Federal Express Home Delivery does not deliver on Mondays.

Every package is logged in for accountability. Each department package is put on a designated mail run. Student packages are available immediately after they are logged in. An e-mail is sent to a student’s university e-mail when the item is ready for pick-up.

Yes, we have Federal Express, overnight, international and ground shipping available to faculty/and staff and students.

The Campus Store has purple UST/FedEx forms available at the customer service counter. This same form is also available on our website. Departments that are shipping will be asked to fill out the form and furnish their university index for billing. Customers shipping personal items may pay cash or personal check. The Campus Store/Campus Mail has Federal Express envelopes and three sizes of Federal Express boxes available for free for shipping. Any other larger sized boxes would be the responsibility of the shipper to acquire.

Once we have processed your item for shipping we will e-mail you the tracking number for your convenience.

It depends on the Federal Express service that is being used. Ground shipments must be at the store before 3 pm. Overnight shipments should be at the store before 4:00 pm (these items need to fit into our drop box). Any items too large for the drop box it will require a special pick-up which requires a 2 hour lead time.

Departments will be billed by Accounts Payable at the lower negotiated price established by Purchasing.

Yes, if your package is ready and has the necessary UST/FedEx form attached.

The Campus Store keeps an ample supply of Federal Express supplies on hand. You may request them by calling 651-962-6355.

The University of St Thomas uses Federal Express and UPS. Federal Express shipping services will include: Ground, Standard Next Day, and Priority Next Day and International Shipping services.


Please note that all call tag items MUST be brought to Campus Mail Services or the Minneapolis Service Center for vendor pickup.

You may bring your items for shipment to Campus Mail Services in the Campus Store on the lower level of Murray Herrick Center (for shipments originating in St Paul) or to the Minneapolis Service Center on the lower level of Terrence Murphy Hall (for shipments originating in Minneapolis) between 8:00 am and 3:00 M-F (for FedEx Ground) or 8:00 - 4:00 pm M-F (for all other FedEx services).


As before, all package and mail services are available from the US Postal Service. Simply visit the customer service desk at the Campus Store in Murray Herrick Center (lower level) or in Terrence Murphy Hall LL02.

Track your FedEx Package --> FedEx Tracking
Track a UPS Shipment --> UPS Tracking
Track your US Postal Service Package --> FedEx Tracking
Find a Zip Code --> Zip Code Finder

Faculty & Staff

Campus Mail Services will pick-up regular stamped letter mail from mail stops and special drop boxes on campus. The UST Post Office located in the basement of Murray Herrick, in the Campus Store, has three drop boxes, one for regular stamped US Mail, one for Intercampus mail, and another for university mail that requires metering. The last mail pickup from the Postal Service is at 3:00 pm. This is last time to get your mail postmarked for the day.

University business mail may be metered under the departmental index code. The index code should be written in the upper right hand corner of the envelope. Some departments have choose to have this printed on their envelopes at the time of printing. Mail must have a university return address in order to use the departmental index code.

It is the responsibility of the department to notify the sender that the individual is no longer an employee. Mail addressed to the University of St. Thomas and to an individual, that is longer employed with St. Thomas is now the property of that department. If mail is addressed solely to the individual, the mail can be forwarded by the department. Mail that bears the markings “Non Profit,” and “Pre-sorted Standard” are not forwardable. These items may be recycled.


Intercampus mail that is addressed to a former employee will be returned to the originating department so the department has the opportunity to update their records.

Misc Information

For additional St Paul Campus shipping information: call 651 962-6355


For Minneapolis Campus shipping information: call 651 962-4940

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 651 962-6593
Elizabeth Rivera- Manager 2-6507


The Bulk Mail Center can provide you with both standard class (bulk mail) and first class mailing services. To take advantage of barcode/automation postage discounts, Aqua Mailer software processes your mailing lists before production begins.


The Bulk Mail Center can:

  • Print addresses from your electronic mailing list using the latest inkjet array technology. Users can provide this address data by email, or on CD in text format

  • Insert up to six letters and flyers into envelopes by machine or by hand. The envelope must be sized from 3 5/8" x 6-1/2 to 6 x 9 (must be side-opening). Minimum Insert Size: 3-1/2 inch x 5 inch .007 inch thick Maximum Insert Size: 1/2 smaller than outside envelope

  • Affix postage to your outgoing mailpiece with a postage stamp, or a pre-printed indicia

  • Pre-sort and deliver your finished projects to either the U.S. Post Office or UST's Campus Mail Services for distribution

  • Update your mailing list using the National Change of Address Move Update program

  • The Bulk Mail Center's handwork department can do a variety of custom matching/inserting/collating and custom assembly/fulfillment

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