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Textbook FAQ

You cannot actually “charge" anything to your student account as if it were a charge account. You must have eXpress funds available, with the funding of your eXpress account billed to your student account. Go to to be billed for it (Bill Me option) along with tuition, room and board, and any other fees that may be charged to your student account. We have tablets at the registers for you to set up the Bill Me option, you can add funds before coming to the store, or you can log in on your smart phone and be ready to enter the amount when you get to the register. Funds can be added at any time. A minimum of $50.00 and a maximum of $800.00 per day is set by the Card Office. This will be billed for the amount through the Business Office, and the charge will come to your home like your tuition statement.

You can put any even dollar amount on your account, and put more than your order total. This extra amount can be used however you choose.

If you are using this payment method for text reservation or FedEx shipment, funds MUST be available at the time you place the order. Orders with non-sufficient funds will be delayed until funds are available, and may not be filled complete or as requested.

Yes you can! This is a great way to get some extra funds for a small fee. Go to and follow the instructions for adding funds. Using a credit card will put an extra 5% on the account. All credit card transactions will be charged a $2.00 convenience fee.  However, students choosing to add funds by charging their student account via Bill Me will not incur a fee. *reminder: with credit card deposits you receive a 5% bonus, with the Bill Me option you receive no bonus. For more information on this, check out the Card Office site at We require, for security reasons that you do this on your personal computer or phone, not on the tablets we have at our registers.

Rental books are just that, rented, and must be returned.  The rental book(s) must be returned no later than the last day of the semester, to the University of St. Thomas Campus Store location from which it was rented. It is your responsibility to return the book(s) that you have rented or you will be charged the difference in purchase price versus the rental price plus $10 per book to my student account. As the charges appear on the students account approximately four weeks after the end of the term, we have sent back our shipment of returned books. We are under contract to send them back by a certain date, and can no longer accept books after our shipment leaves.

You will receive at least two reminder emails regarding the return of rental books. You MUST return your own rental books. You cannot return for someone else.

If this book is being used in an upcoming term, we will buy it back at our next buyback. We have buyback at the end of fall and spring semester.

The Textbook Rental Program provides students currently enrolled at the University of St. Thomas the opportunity to rent selected textbooks for the current academic semester.  In consideration of this opportunity, I hereby agree that I have read, fully understand, accept, and abide by the following terms and conditions:

  1.  I understand that the book(s) rented by me are the property of the University of St. Thomas Campus Stores and accept the terms of the Textbook Rental Program. I accept the responsibility to use the book(s) I rent and return them in saleable condition. The book(s) must not be damaged, missing content, water stained, or have excess writing.
  2. I understand that the rental book(s) must be returned, no later than the last day of the semester, to the University of St. Thomas Campus Store location from which it was rented. It is my responsibility to return the book(s) that I have rented or I will be charged the difference in purchase price versus the rental price plus $10 per book to my student account.
  3.  I understand and agree that the University of St. Thomas Campus Stores will have the sole discretion to evaluate and determine the condition of the books upon their return.
  4. I understand that rental textbooks are the intellectual property of the author(s) and are copyrighted by the author(s) or publishers. Textbook rentals are not to be reproduced.

No, you will not. J-term books are usually set before we leave for the break over the holidays. Spring semester books will not be arriving until sometime the second week of January. If you place an order for both terms, we will fill your J-term order, and cancel any items for spring. As you will be on campus for your J-term class, you are welcome to stop in to pick up your spring books as you find them available. This does allow you to pick which book you want, and possibly get a used one if there are very few available.

This depends on a couple of things. If you are dropping the class in the time frame allowed, bring your book in with proof of the drop, your receipt and a way to return your funds if your original payment was on a card. You will receive a rental refund.

If you have taken the full semester course, bring it to buyback with any books you want to sell for cash. It will be processed as a returned rental book and you will receive a slip of paper listing the number of rentals you returned. SAVE THIS SLIP OF PAPER FOR AT LEAST FOUR MONTHS. If there is a problem with the system, and you are charged for the non-return of a rental, this is your ticket to prove you did return books. It does happen. This piece of paper has made corrections quick and easy for us, the business office and you.

If your rental is badly damaged in any way, it may not be accepted back.

What do we do if we already bought our books and now the professor changed?

This is one of the great things about buying from the Campus Store instead of online elsewhere else or from a different source. As with any retail business, if you purchase ANYTHING from the Campus Stores or Tommie Shop it is always a good idea to keep your receipt. At our registers, we can email you a receipt at the time of purchase, so you will always have a copy. This is a really great feature we offer! If your instructor changes, you can bring in your books, the receipt and your schedule that will show the changes. We will be happy to refund you for the books you do not need due to an instructor change. This must be done in a reasonable time frame. Waiting until three or four weeks into the semester may mean we will not offer a full refund.

These items are available for purchase at the front registers; please have your complete course information ready (department, course #, and section) so the cashier can get the correct item for you. Please be sure you're purchasing the correct item as clickers and access codes are non-returnable once opened or scratched off.

Any books received without a name or ID will be considered as abandoned rather than returned.

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